Thursday, July 20, 2006

bell ghost!!!!

Hi here is the bell ghost :) I can tell you that it is very hard to be a ghost at all and to frighten all the students. Also I do not have any more ideas. I did all the usual things like: screaming, shouting, clincing the chains,....

So if YOU know some more frightening sounds please write me!!!


Blogger ivankapekarka said...

Couple of more ideas for you, dear ghost. You could also bawl, below, chatter,cheer, crow,cry, gasp, groan,hail, hiss, holler, moan, murmur,roar, screech,shriek, squeel, wail, whistle, whoop.
At least, it is what the dictionary suggests and, as you know, it is not an expert at being a ghost as you are. So take it easy.

9:15 am


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